Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s Devotion for Mahaperiyava!



Swami Dayananda Saraswathi is one f God’s Gift to spread our Culture from far and wide!His epoch making Vedanthic Discourses still reverberate in our ears with punctuation, packed with Humour!

I was able to pay my Respects at His Adhishtanan in Rishikesh, during my recent pilgrimage to Kedarnath.

I was privileged to move closely with Swamiji in the 80s when I was the CEO of Tantex and since Our Chairman, Narasimhan was His ardent devotee and I,as CEO of Tantex used to often visit His Village, Manjakkudi and took care of a few Kainkaryams!

Swamiji once narrated about a unique picture of Mahaperiyava at Thiruvidaimaruthur,which used to adorn His Office!He said “for quite sometime, that huge Ratham in Thiruvidaimaruthur was immobilized and He had the privilege of getting a Request from Mahaperiyava to re-activate it,which He successfully did” as narrated by Swamiji Himself in this video!(You can see that picture of Mahaperiyava taken in the 30s)








When DK Pattammal was just 7 yrs old,her father,Krishnasamy Dikshitar,a very ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava,took her to sing infront of Kanchi Mahan.After hearing her voice,Mahaperiyava blessed her saying:”Saraswathi Kadaksham is with you in abundance.None can stop you from becoming a very famous singer Oneday!”

When Pattammal wanted to sing in Kanchipuram Katcheris as a teenage girl,her 8 auntis(father’s sisters)vehemently opposed this move saying..”No way..You won’t get a proper alliance once you go on stage singing..”A quiet Dikshitar vetoed all his sisters saying:”Mahaperiyava has said she will become a Great Singer One day..I don’t want that saying to be disproved..!”Thats how DKP and all her families continued their total Devotion to Mahaperiyava,as she started getting huge support from the audience especially after her famous songs in Papanasam Sivan’s movies.

When India got Independence,it was DKP’s “aaduvome Pallipaduvome”broadcast all over South India by the All India Radio..and if we listen to that song,I don’t  know whom to be admired in this scene… the Genius of Kumari Kamala or AVM or the sweet voice of DKP..or the Lyrics of Bharathi!A Masterpiece I wd love to listen everydday of my Life!



Many Volumes have been written about  DKP by many, but I recall here her absolute humility in an incident when I was present.It was 89 or 90  when TTVasu was celeberating  his Shashtiabtha poorthi in TTK premises at TTKs,Cathedral Road.He having married a Swede,his brother Narasimhan,Padma Narasimhan and all others had arranged for a real Indian style Marriage celeberations..DKP was also present and she sincerely sang all the Kalyana Songs to the delight of all..I was sitting next to her..cannot find a more humble Genius!

My mother used to often say..MS,MLV,DKP all three are Genius..No doubt..But I love DKP more because we can take a pencil and write down the lyrics when DKP sings..so much Spashtam!

God bless this Great Heritage!

Mahaperiyava Aradhanai 14th December 2017 @Madampatti



By Mahaperiyava’s Blessings our 27th Anusham programme and Mahaperiyava’s Aradhanai on the 14th December 2017,  brought peace and Tranquility to our  Shenbhagam Estate at Madampatti, with the Vedhic Chanting of Vidyarthis from Sri Gayatri Subramaniam Ganapadigal ‘s Gurukulam! 












Please also see the Blog on Sri Annadurai Iyengar whose contributions for Vedha Rakshana Nidhi Trust is immeasurable!Sri Annadurai Iyengar

Blessed by Mahaperiyava @Mahagaon and given to me

Dasavatharam – is 9th Avatar Balarama or Budha?

My 25th Anusham Programme on the 29th August was on Dasavathara, with particular emphasis on the 9th Avatar whether it is Balarama or Budha?

17th century Painting Victoria Museum

17th Century Painting Victoria Museum

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

There cannot be a more qualified Vedhic Scholar for such a topic than our own Dr. Raghavan! IMG_20170830_154429

Dr. Raghavan did a beautiful presentation of the Dasavathara and he was non committed on the specific subject except to quote from our Scriptures to leave the decision to ourselves.


My views based on some research based on Upanyasams of Dushyanth Sridar is (1)In some parts of India like Odisha they consider it is Budha as even Jayadeva’s Ashtapathi sings in praise of Him (2)According to Dushyanth Sridar, even AnnaAcharya’s song ‘Dolaya’ mentions Budha but he says it can’t be taken seriously! 

My search gave me the above unique painting from Victoria Museum of the 17th century where there is no mention of Budha nor the 18th century Silver Door at Goa Krishna Temple, nor the 13th Century architectural Marvel at Sringeri, where all Avatars are engraved are proof enough it is only Balarama! 

Dr. Raghavan substantiated this argument that it is only Balarama with quotes from Vedanthaka Desikan as below :

     Vedanta Desika in Desika Prabandam on Buddha. (ParaMatha Bhangam).
                   காணாதிலது எனும் கல்வியினாரைக் கடிந்ததிற்பின்
                   கோணார் குதர்க்கங்கள் கொண்டே குழப்பும் பவுத்தர்கள்
                    ஆணாதனைத்தும் இலதென்று நால்வகை யன்றிதென்றும்
                    வாணாளறுக்கின்ற மத்திமத்தான் வழி மாற்றுவமே||
                           மானமிலை மேயமிலை யென்று மற்றோர் 
                            வாதநெறி  யிலையென்றும்  வாதுபூண்ட
                            தானுமில்லை. தன்னுறையும் பொருளும் இல்லை
                            தத்துவத்தி  னுணர்த்திசய  மில்லை  யென்றும்
                            வானவரு மானவரு   மனமும்   வெள்க
                            வளம்பேச  மதிகேடன்  மத்தி  மத்தான்
                            தேனநெறி  கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே.||
                            {ப்ரமாணமில்லை, வஸ்து இல்லை, வாதமுறையில்லை
                            வாதம்புரியத்தானுமில்லை, தான்கூறும் வாக்கியமும் இல்லை, 
                             பொருளும் இல்லை. தத்துவம் இல்லை,  தத்துவ ஞானமில்லை,
                              எல்லாமே சூன்யம்.   கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே. }
He also quoted from Bagavatham as below :

Dasavataram : Buddha Avataram

Srimad Bhagavatam Reference: Skanda 1, Adhyaya 3: Sloka 24
          Tata: kalow sampravruttE sammOhAya surad vishAm
           BuddhO nAmnA jana sutha: keekatEshu Bhavishyati
              (Meaning: Then, in the beginning of Kaliyuga, tge Lord will appear as Buddha, the 
                son of Anjana, in the province of Kikata (Bihar) just for the purpose of infatuating, 
               (sammOhAya), those who are envious of the faithful.)
It was indeed a learning process for novices like me and such Sath Sangams help us to go into depth  of such subjects! 
              Sathyameva Jayathe! 






Dr. Raja Ramanna’s Experience

Our 24th Anusham programme on 2nd August 2017 at Madampatti,Coimbatore,was made memorable by the Spiritual experiences of Mrs. Chandra Janakiram and Savitri Viswanathan. 

Anusham programme Aug’17

Chandra Janakiram’s Experience

Every Indian must have heard of the great Nuclear Scientist, Head of BARC, Dr. Raja Ramanna.I narrated his experience with Mahaperiyava from an article on Mahaperiyava appeared in a Bhavan’s Journal, which I reproduced in my Sankara Jayanthi Souvenir in 1985 in Nigeria :

Narrating Raja Ramanna’s Experience

Raja Ramanna was more westernized in his younger days with a sort of hatred towards anything ritualistic! He as an young lad, had an argument with his neighbour, a 60 yr old highly Orthodox Brahmin who wanted to teach Vedas to this young lad but Raja Ramanna was not at all interested when the old man told him :”You will one day realise the real Treasure of our Upanishads!”

Savitri Viswanathan’s Experience

Raja Ramanna,describes in this article that he realised after several years the Greatness of our culture as an Astrophysicist, with a good knowledge of Sanskrit, when he was nearing 60!Though he was a great Piano Player,his world changed as he started taking interest in Upanishads!He however didn’t believe in Sages/Seers/sentimental Indians but he had a Manager in Kalpakkam Reactor Research Unit ,an Iyengar,a great devotee of Paramacharya,who constantly insisted that Dr.Raja Ramanna should oneday visit the great Seer at Kanchipuram,which Raja Ramanna constantly refused to do so!One fine morning Raja Ramanna ,during a visit to Chennai,had told Iyengar:”OK This time I will try to see “Your Seer”for your sake.Fix up a time!”

Raja Ramanna writes in this article :

“As soon as I landed in Meenambakkam,I asked Krishnamurthy who was supposed to take me to Kanchipuram,’Have you fixed an appointment with Kanchi Paramacharya?”

Krishnamurthy was silent for a few minutes and Raja Ramanna,being impatient,repeated the question.Krishnamurthy,answered :”Sir None fixes appointment with Paramacharya!We have to take a chance!Incase He is on mouna,we cant even discuss anything!”which infuriarated Raja Ramanna further !

On reaching Kanchipuram,Raja Ramanna was surprised to see the seer living in a small room,belying all his imaginations of a great Seer ,living  in all luxury! There were several devotees waiting for hours to have His Darshan.

‘Suddenly’ Raja Ramanna writes:’I saw a set of security personnel entered saying that the Governor of Tamilnadu was coming.Raja Ramanna says:”I realised in a few moments,the atmosphere made me realise that this place is beyond the realms of vastness of the Material world and my darshan at the Age old Adi Sankara temple inside the Ashram made me very simple and purified.I understood to what extent I was ignorant when I asked for an appointment with the Acharya!”

I saw the Acharya,on a raised platform,adjoining the room through a small window,barely a square foot wide,through which devotees peep into get His darshan!I also peeped in,and saw in the somewhat dim light,the Acharya,deeply engrossed turning the page of a book.At this moment the Governor arrived and we all moved back.The Governor also went to that Window for a short time and left soon after,but all the while the Acharya continued His search among the books,irrespective of what was happening outside!

A little while  later a strange  peace seemed to envelop us and I felt as though we were in a space where the devotees,the temple and everything around us were some minor objects in a great enactment.Everything around was simple to the extreme,and while I was meditating about why we-an odd assortment of people-were there at all,it began to appear that the strains of the Rg Veda was the only material thing of Value in that atmosphere!

Suddenly one of the aides of the Swamiji called us to the window,as the Acharya wanted to see us.He then asked His aides in a very weak voice in Tamil to open the pages of a book.After selecting the page with the finger from a distance,He asked me,if I knew enough Sanskrit.I was happy that I had Krishnamurthy,who teaches Vedas,with me!

During the discussion with the Acharya,a miracle happened.He asked me :”Have you read the philosophy of Nagarjuna?’I told Him, that is the very philosophy I am reading right now on my way by Prof Hiriyanna  of Mysore University on Indian Philosophy!I said Nagarjuna is the greatest scientific philosopher at all times.The Swamiji nodded His head and asked me to send Him a copy of this book.The discussions veered around “Katyayana”.

(Kātyāyana was born in a Brahmin family at Ujjayini (Ujjain) and received a classical Brahminical education studying the Vedas. Katyayana studied assiduously under Asita, who had predicted that Prince Siddharta would become either a chakravartin, a great worldly ruler, or a Buddha. With a group of seven friends he invited the Buddha to visit, and gained enlightenment (bodhi) while listening to him preach. He was ordained, and made numerous converts in the state of Avanti.[1] He is known as Phra Sangkajai in Thai Buddhism and portrayed as extremely portly.

Kātyāyana is listed as one of the ten principal disciples of Gautama Buddha: MahākassapaĀnandaSāriputtaSubhutiPunnaMoggallāna, Mahākaccāna, AnuruddhaUpali and Rāhula. He was foremost in explaining Dharma.)


Katyayana,in one of the Vartikas,”sidham thu nivarthakathvaath also shows himself in favour of Advaitha.”said the Acharya.The meaning of the above Vartika is as follows:

“Truth is Brahman.Knowledge is Brahman and Brahman is Endless.We can understand Brahman by experience.So what is the use of the sentences taken from philosophy ,satyam gnanamanatham brahma etc.,which tell about God?

It is a repetition only.Is it not?

No.The scholars know Brahman well.Others will have confusion.In order to avoid it,these sentences repeat the same frequently.Even the Bhashyakara,Patanjali,while commenting on the Sutra opines,in favour of Advaitha.How can we see the mark of Asat?(Non existing)

Yes.We can see it.It is like Mirage!”

The discussion was educative that at places I was able to discuss with Him in my own Kannada Language and He cleared some of my doubts.

Then He blessed us by raising His hands when we prostrated for His asservatham!

I must have been in direct contact with Swamiji for less than half an hour,but in regions outside material time ,I must have been with Him always!Here atlast I knew I had been in the presence of a learned man and an Inspired Man!(coutesy Bhavan’s Journal)

My Classmates






Mahaperiyava Jayanthi on 8th June 2017

Mahaperiyava Jayanthi on 8th June 2017

This year, as usual, Mahaperiyava’s Jayanthi, brought so much Peace and Tranquility at Shenbagam, with Vedhic Chanting by Panchapakesa Sastrigal and his Gurukula Vidyarthis.

Vedhic Chanting

Panchapakesa Sastrigal

Vedhic Chanting

Dr.Usha Ganesh, a Great devotee  sang a few songs on Mahaperiyava

Mahaperiyava’s Songs

Dr. Usha Ganesh’s Songs


But for Him so many Vedhic Schools wdnt have survived! Devotees must encourage such Gurukulams,  as in a World, full of Materialistic Pursuits, such a Devotion by the Vidyarthis must be Encouraged!