Swami Haridas Giri’s Devotion for Mahaperiyava

Swami Haridas Giri

Today 24 years ago, Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji) created a leela, by suddenly attaining Jala Samadhi@Rudraprayag,at the peak of His Bakthi Marg!

 There is a Hindu temple dedicated to Koteswar Mahadev in Koteswar,near Rudraprayag,where Sri Guruji attained Sidhi!

Bhajan Platform

Bhajan Platform for Swamiji

Swami Namananda Giri, Principal Disciple of Swami Haridhas Giri built a Bhajan Platform in memory of Swami Haridhas Giri and dedicated to him.


Swami Haridas Giri@Koteswar

Swami Haridas’ Devotion for Mahaperiyava was just unimaginable! In 1993 for Mahaperiyava’s Shathabdi celebrations,Guruji released a special CD ‘Pallandu Vazhgha!’

Sri Annadurai Iyengar with Mahaperiyava

After Mahaperiyava attained Sidhi in 1994,there was a Shraddanjali meeting at Ayodhya Mandapam,presided over by Sri Guruji and speakers included,President,R.Venkatraman.

I was a witness when Guruji expressed repeatedly

“I am unable to bear this(Mahaperiyava’s)loss!”

I was startled to hear about Guruji’s Jala Samadhi within a few months in Rudraprayag!..

“Only Sri Guruji knows Why He did that when He was Hale and healthy!”

Sathyameva Jayathe





is the Day Swami Vivekananda’s epoch making speech at Chicago which startled the whole World..

I used to go to Triplicane Swami Vivekanada Museum(Ice House)to meditate on the top floor where Swamiji stayed for a few months…on 12th January and 4th of July..and 9/11!It is God’s will that Swamiji’s Rememberance Day..4th of July also happens to be  the American Independence day..Destiny made Him quite famous with His Scintillating speech on 9/11at the World Religious Conference.He was made Famous by Bhaskara Sethupathi,a Gratitude for which Swamiji wanted to touch this Bharatha Punya Bhoomi only at Ramnad,my native place..(please read my Blog on :Bhaskara Sethupathi)


Swami Vivekananda

9/11 also happens to be my Bharathi’s Rememberance day..

I used to attend regularly Bharathi’s Rememberance day at Rani Seethai Hall where a handful of college students  used to talk about my Bharathi…!One fine evening after attending this function, when I returned home at 915 PM ,my wife was showing the attracious attack on WTC…..

We were worried about the whereabouts of our younger daughter, who on that very day had started her career in NYC, after her MS from Harvard….We got some news about her after 24 hrs….!

Let us pray that such things don’t ever happen and seek the Almighty’s Guidance always!

Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam, Nerur

Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam

A visit to this Adhistanam of Sadasiva Brahmendrar,Nerur helps one to reenergise to face the upcoming ups and downs!The very thought of Such Yogis have walked along these paths ,make us humble and go back to those days when they didn’t have Innovas and packed lunch boxes, to come to Nerur!

At Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam

It is indeed God’s Grace and pure Guru Bakthi,I have made this pilgrimage a second time!

And if you want to see a miracle which happened during my first visit please read New Year@Neru


Mahaperiyava Gruham, Salem

Deeparathanai for Mahaperiyava

Sri Rajagopala Mama is a highly blessed Mahaperiyava Devotee,who has named his Gruham in Salem as ”Mahaperiyava Gruham” as requested by Mahaperiyava Himself.

Padukas of Mahaperiyava

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

SriRajagopala Mama is also blessed with a Paduka of Mahaperiyava,for which Sri Mama does elaborate pujas every day.

Pradosham Puja

I was lucky to be there on a Pradhosham(25/7/18)day..Since I was traveling,I thought 24th was Pradosham !I halted at Salem only to see this Mahaperiyava Gruham!But When I went to Sri Mama on the25th,he surprised me by telling ”’Today is Pradosham!”

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

Ramana Maharshi

I cdnt believe it..All His Grace.

I returned to Coimbatore and in my dream on that night,Mahaperiyava was asking me in a concert,a Mami was singing :”Do you know this Thalam?”

I said” I don’t know!”

Mahaperiyava Himself explained about the Thalam and asked me to learn it.The Mami was singing ‘Kamakshi Kamakoti peetavahini!’

I cdnt believe it!

For those who wish to contact:

Mahaperiyava Graham
Sri Rajagopal mama; Raghuram Colony, Gandhi Road, Salem. Mob # 91 9952420864 Landline #0427 4262390


At Mahaperiyava’s Gruham

Nadamadum Deivam!

Thirupparaithurai Thirugavaneswarar!


Tharugavaneswarar,aka Paraithurai Nather, Paraithruai Selvar…

If God appears before me and gives me a choice “which era you Wd like to be Reborn!’I Wd choose 800 AD,as I Wd experience the Great ambience of Saints like ADI Sankara’s and enjoy the immense contributions of Manikkavasagar to Paranthaka Cholan’s dedications in creation and Preservation of such great Temples on the banks of Akanda Cauvery!

Atleast, now,I have the satisfaction to be able to visit such age old Shiva n Vishnu sthalams..One such is Thirupparaithurai :

Arunagirinathar on Thiruppareswarar

Pasumpon Mayeelambikai (Hema Varnambikai) (Parvati)

Pasumpon Mayeelambikai Amman

Manikkavasagar and Arunagirinathar have sung in praise of this sthalam as can be seen above.

Manikkavasagar has visited almost all Temples in the south and was also involved in cleaning of the dilapidated temples with a team called uzhavarapadai,which probably the Japanese has copied from us Today!

The hymnists like Manikkavasagar made classificatory lists of places like katu (for forest), turai (port or refuge), kulam (water tank) and kalam (field) being used – thus giving us an idea of their prominence..thurai means only by boats one can reach this place!

We should be very very grateful to Nagarathars for preserving such historical temples,as can be seen from this tableau at this Siva Sthalam:

Thirupparaithurai Dharukavaneswarar

Let us atleast visit such age old temples before age takes us Older Still!
Sathyameva Jayathe

Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s Devotion for Mahaperiyava!



Swami Dayananda Saraswathi is one f God’s Gift to spread our Culture from far and wide!His epoch making Vedanthic Discourses still reverberate in our ears with punctuation, packed with Humour!

I was able to pay my Respects at His Adhishtanan in Rishikesh, during my recent pilgrimage to Kedarnath.

I was privileged to move closely with Swamiji in the 80s when I was the CEO of Tantex and since Our Chairman, Narasimhan was His ardent devotee and I,as CEO of Tantex used to often visit His Village, Manjakkudi and took care of a few Kainkaryams!

Swamiji once narrated about a unique picture of Mahaperiyava at Thiruvidaimaruthur,which used to adorn His Office!He said “for quite sometime, that huge Ratham in Thiruvidaimaruthur was immobilized and He had the privilege of getting a Request from Mahaperiyava to re-activate it,which He successfully did” as narrated by Swamiji Himself in this video!(You can see that picture of Mahaperiyava taken in the 30s)





Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath


Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath

Triyuginarayan Temple is in Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand on the way to Kedarnath at a Height of 7000 feet!This Temple for Vishnu was consecrated by Sri Adi Sankaracharya and Legend says that this is the place where Lord Shiva got Married to Parvathi in the presence of Lord Vishnu and hence the Agni started at that time for the Celestial Marriage is still kept burning,getting its name Akhand Dhuni!

Agnikund Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath

The Himalayan Range from here gives a Magnificent view!One has to under go a Chaotic Traffic from Rampura to Sonaprayag as can be seen from these pictures!

The Temple structure is similar to the One at Kedarnath,a smaller in size but full of stories all around !

There is a belief that if one visits this Temple,one will have a Blissful Married Life!

One can see ponies Relaxing after a tough day ride to Kedarnath,getting recuperated for an early morning Ride again up the 17 KM ride to one’s Lifetime Goal of Mukthi Marg..to Kedarnath!

Ponies Relaxing for Next Day Trip

Whatever may be the Legends and stories,one must be prepared to undergo a lot of Stressed Trekking in such Places as there is nothing we can do when right from Traffic to your so called Confirmed Helicaptor Tickets are no Gaurantee for a simple trip to the Lord’s Lotus Feet!All Manmade avoidable Chaos everywhere!