Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s Devotion for Mahaperiyava!



Swami Dayananda Saraswathi is one f God’s Gift to spread our Culture from far and wide!His epoch making Vedanthic Discourses still reverberate in our ears with punctuation, packed with Humour!

I was able to pay my Respects at His Adhishtanan in Rishikesh, during my recent pilgrimage to Kedarnath.

I was privileged to move closely with Swamiji in the 80s when I was the CEO of Tantex and since Our Chairman, Narasimhan was His ardent devotee and I,as CEO of Tantex used to often visit His Village, Manjakkudi and took care of a few Kainkaryams!

Swamiji once narrated about a unique picture of Mahaperiyava at Thiruvidaimaruthur,which used to adorn His Office!He said “for quite sometime, that huge Ratham in Thiruvidaimaruthur was immobilized and He had the privilege of getting a Request from Mahaperiyava to re-activate it,which He successfully did” as narrated by Swamiji Himself in this video!(You can see that picture of Mahaperiyava taken in the 30s)






Badrinath,a Once in a Lifetime Journey!

Badrinath,A lifetime Journey for the Faithfuls!

Badrinath Main Entrance

Both Kedarnath and Badrinath are only 15 KMs apart but on different Hills!Hence visiting them is a tough ride,amidst man made obstacles and chaotic traffic.
But one is the happiest on arriving at these shrines,for their Mountain View and moment of Achievement!
Badrinarain is Vishnu on the banks of River Alakananda, consecrated by Adi Sankara ,1400 yrs back.


At 4 am when I got up and went for Darshan,there was a Queue of 1.5 KM!Luckily my friend Ramachandran of Kalpathy,used a trick with the security and we were infront of the Lord Himself!
Not satisfied with one Round of Darshan,Ramachandran(see in picture)wanted to have a second round!

Ramachandran At Adi Sankara Sannidhi

When I met him after 3 hrs he narrated this miracle experience!
He sneaked into VIP enclosures where Only Ambanis and Bangurs who have reserved the enclosure with huge amnt were allowed.Ramachandran was nervous when the Head priest signalled him and offered him a special chair in front of the Lord,Reserved for a Lucky person of the day!It was really unbelievable and we were unhappy that still many faithfuls are unable to get simple Glance of the Lord!Lots of discrimination and unmanageble crowds!

Badrinath Shiva

Badrinath Hanuman

The Temple:
The image of the presiding deity worshipped in the temple is Only 3.3 ft tall, black stone statue of Vishnu in the form of Badrinarayan. The statue is considered by many Hindus to be one of eight swayam vyakta kshetras, or self-manifested statues of Vishnu.

Badrinarain, Urchavar

At Adi Sankara Sannidhi

The temple is mentioned in ancient religious texts like Vishnu Purana and Skanda Purana. It is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, an early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD.

About The Temple:

The main shrine houses the 3.3 ft Shaligram (black stone) image of Badrinarayan, which is housed in a gold canopy under a Badri Tree. The image of Badrinarayan holds a Shankha (conch) and a Chakra (wheel) in two of its arms in a lifted posture and two arms are rested on its lap in a Yogamudra (Padmasana) posture.The sanctum also houses images of the god of wealth—Kubera, sage Narada, Uddhava, Nar and Narayan.K There are fifteen more images that are also worshipped around the temple. These include that of Lakshmi (the consort of Vishnu), Garuda (the vahana of Narayan), and Navadurga, the manifestation of Durga in nine different forms. The temple also has shrines of Lakshmi Narasimhar and for saints Adi Shankara (ad 788-820), Vedanta Desika and Ramanujacharya. All the idols of the temple are made of black stone.

Mountain View

At Badrinath

The Tapt Kund, a group of hot sulphur springs just below the temple, are considered to be medicinal; many pilgrims consider it a requirement to bathe in the springs before visiting the temple. The springs have a year-round temperature of 55 °C (131 °F), while outside temperature is typically below 17 °C (63 °F) all year round.The two water ponds in the temple are called Narad Kund and Surya Kund.

Kedarnath,My 12th Jyotir Lingam Darshan!

The very place brought inexplicable joy and uncontrollable tears ,for the unimaginable strains Adi Sankara wd have experienced 1400 Years Back,in  (a)Reaching this remote place under severe weather conditions(b)Choosing a simple rock(as below) for Generations to treck all the way in absolute Faith!

Sankara is Parameswara Himself, as even today, this trip is extremely strenuous, more so if we don’t get Helitickets!

No Lingam

(Replica as in Heritage Aviation Helipad)

Out of 12 Jyotir Lingams,Sankara did Prathishtai for a simple Rock here.In Triumbakeswar @ Nashik also, no Lingam.Just a Yoni!

Kedarnath Prasad on My Wedding Anniversary

Adi Sankara brought all Hindus together by establishing Several Mutts and consecrating unique Temples like Kedarnath and Badrinath which has helped us Realize the greatness of our Past!Every Indian must gratefully acknowledge Adi Sankara’s Contribution!l

At Kedarnath,My 12th Jyotir Lingam

I planned my trip in such a way that my 12th Jyotir Linga visit is to Kedarnath on my Wedding Anniversary day,27th May and at Badrinath on 29th for Mahaperiyava’s Jayanthi Day!

Luckily Mahaperiyava Blessed me with a successful trip but His Miracles are beyond words:

(1)When I booked through Southern Travels including Helicopter Tkts,I didn’t expect an SMS from them 2 weeks before our journey that Helitkts can’t be guaranteed due to new regulations by local Govt.I immediately tried all sources and luckily got a tkt from Heritage Aviation!

(2)After paying 6350 Heritage never sent the tkts.Refused to pick up calls too.My wife’s sister’s son in Delhi went to their office but he didn’t even see a Sign Board!I thought this is another Scam n prayed to Mahaperiyava only.By evening I was pleasantly surprised with my tkt in my Inbox!

(3)Though I was the Only lucky one  in our van of 14(I didn’t see anyone else lucky too, to get Helitkts in Rampur where we stayed before Kedarnath)Heritage was not answering my calls reg Reporting Time.

(4)My attempts to dial Ashish Jain of Heritage, Delhi, who gave tkts helped me and was advised to be present at Sirsi Helipad next morning@11AM!

(5)After seeing many unable to get even ponies,I decided to go to Helipad at 6 AM itself!At 6 AM there were 58 pssengers with Boarding Passes issued the previous day!

(6)When I insisted My name must be first after the 58,Pawan was not answering properly!Luckily his boss Arun,,came at 7 and I don’t know what happened he asked me to Board at 830 AM,when I was mentally prepared to spend the entire day there!Thats a miracle. I had an excellent Darshan and returned to Rampur for Lunch!

Though its a Once in a Lifetime visit for many,I wd like to give the following advice, based on my experience:


Kedarnath trip has many obstacles, many man made and I wd like to enumerate here for those who wish to make the Sacred Trip:

1.Always book Helicaptor Tkts first and plan your journey.

2.Ponies shd be avoided as 17+17 KM journey is hell for many.You will be worshipping with an unbearable Smell!

3.Entire stretch from Rampur to Gaurikund/Guptakashi is so congested with vehicles, allow travel time @ 5KM/Hr!

4.Everywhere you must shell out cash and be prepared!

5.Spl VIP tkts for 2100(400 xtra with Aviation)is worth it for Quick n comfortable Darshn!

6.Weather change is unpredictable. I was told after my visit next 2 days Temple was closed!Temperature is freezing even in daytime!

7.If forced to go by ponies,keep (1)cash(2)torch(3)Airtel Mobile(Jio is Dead)(4)Warm clothings(5)Cashew/Ground nuts(6)0water.

I narrate here the horrible experience of a group member to understand the agony:

With Dr.Moh

With Dr.Mohan Ram@Badrinathnath

Dr.Mohan Ram from Madurai is an amazing man.At 74 he is so cool and what I saw in him in this trip to Kedarnath, made me believe that “Such Will powered,faithfuls do exist and Inspire!”

Dr.Mohan Ram,his wife,Daughter, SIL and his son take ponies for Kedarnath!After a strenuous journey, they decide to meet at one place after Darshan!Dr.Mohan Ram is left out.By 9 PM other four returned except Dr.Mohan Ram!Mobiles don’t work!Our group was highly worried till next day morning, we cd contact him:He misplaced his slippers!So he walked bare foot in that weather!Not a single human he said.Two sadhus met him n disappeared.He said ‘was quite hungry but don’t know How I made it!”

We all prayed to Sankara for his safe return!

Sathyameva Jayathe



Mahaperiyava’s Bakthi for Adi Sankara can’t be just described in mere words!Always He used to quote and repeat often’Acharya…Acharya!’


I had the Good fortune of this rare incident in 1980 at Satara,where,Mahaperiyava was staying at the Sankara Temple,where Baktha Ramadas was supposed to have spent a lot of time!

Mahaperiyava@Baktha Ramadas Mandir,Satara

There was hardly 2 feet wide  praharam around the above Adi Sankara Temple and on the Right side was a Thinnai,where Mahaperiyava spent His stay and Anushtanam!


I used to have His darshan on atleast 3 days in a year (1)My birthday in January(2)Sankara Jayanthi in April (3)Mahaperiyava Jayanthi in May.So I happened to be there on that day in that 2 feet width corridor,when suddenly, C.Subramanian, Rt hand of Indira Gandhi at that time,R.R.Diwaker,and Mukkur Laxminarasimachariar were escorted by Anukku Thondar Balu Mama,when 100s were waiting for His darshan..but I was next to CS luckily!

SATARA TEMPLE Built with His Blessings!

I have written another blog on  Indira Gandhi getting Mahaperiyava’s blessings at Hampi in 79 when she was not in power.After this Blessings, she made a dramatic come back to power, throwing out Morarji Desai in early 80 and she started feeling Mahaperiyava’s divine Power. So she wanted to do something for Vedhic Culture and asked for Mahaperiyava’s advice.Mahaperiyava said “Do something for Sanskrit, oldest Language in the World!”

She started  5 minute Sanskrit News in AIR and a few supporting endowments from Ministry of Education for Sanskrit!

Now you must read this dialogue from the above context:

Sri Annadurai Iyengar with Mahaperiyava

To CS:எங்க வந்தேள்(what brought you here?)

CS:PM wanted to get Mahaperiyava’s Blessings, for Sankara Jayanthi(in 3 days)

Mahaperiyava:What type of Blessings

CS:Showing a drawing of Adi Sankara,”PM wants to honor Adi Sankara on Sankara Jayanthi day coming in 3 days?”

Smiling Mahaperiyava,”She has already decided to honor Acharya like this and she ‘just wants you to Convey this information to Me?”

CS:’Ni no Mahaperiyava, she wants Your Approval!’

If I say I don’t like the idea,it will be irksome for the PM as you wd have made all arrangements for the Release.. So I don’t want my Approval or Disapproval on this issue which please convey to the PM!”

‘No no..Mahaperiyava, PM will do whatever Mahaperiyava says even if its a Disapproval!’

Mukkur and Diwaker were worried and the crowd was unmanageble.

Mahaperiyava:”Are you sure she will have the Humility, if an ordinary Sanyasi disapproves this Move!”

CS:”I stand Guarantee Mahaperiyava for That!’

Mahaperiyava, after a minute’s silence said :”Acharya is Parameswara Himself”Showing fingers at Himself and CS “Me and you need not do anything to make Him Greater!I don’t like the idea of  Stamp for Adi Sankara,as everyone  will put the Stamp on their tongues…apacharam..Let us not be a party to that Insult to Acharya..’

CS got utharavu and next day the announced Stamp Release function was cancelled..

I had to take out many Kerchiefs  for the uncontrollable Tears from my eyes!

Nadamadum Deivam




Miracles of Mahaperiyava-Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu

Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu was an ardent Devotee of Mahaperiyava..



Hailing from Devakottai,Thirunavukkarasu,after his return from Burma,was highly influenced by Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan!He started  a Publishing House as ‘Vanathi Pathippakam’ because of his great admiration for Kalki !He even named his 3rd Daughter as Vanathi !He published many books for Kalki ,Rajaji(His Ramayanam and Mahabaratham were quite famous) ,Arthamulla Indumatham of Kannadasan,when Raa Ganapathi’s  “Deivathin Kural” was about to be published…..purely because of his devotion for Mahaperiyava.

Initially the first volume of Deivathin Kural  got published without much fanfare and Thirunavukkarasu took the first copy to Mahaperiyava.Mahaperiyava saw a huge,one page  portrait of Himself in that  book and jokingly enquired :

“Will it sell as high a Volume as you have estimated?”

Thirunavukkarasu was not forthcoming with proper answer,as he had already  printed  a sizeable qty but orders were not forthcoming!

Understanding his delicacy,Mahaperiyava asked

“Shall I arrange to buy these  copies for the Mutt ?”

“No No Mhaperiyava..Time will come this will start breaking Huge Volumes..”

When Thirunavukkarasu released the 3rd Volume  of Deivathin Kural,under the Presidentship of the then VP,R.Venkatraman,he was narrating that “Now we are unable to meet the Demands…More and more orders are pouring in mostly from Middle East and USA!” with Tears in his Eyes!”All His Grace…There is No Other God I know  of in My Life”

Vanathi Thirunavukkaras’s Autograph

I used to meet him often in Mylapore Fine Arts during Music Season or on 9th September Bharathi Rememberance Day at Rani Seethai Hall,where usually there will be more people on the Dais than in the audience. I got this autograph of him..in Asthika Samaj function for a Bharathiar Day on December 5th!

Vanathi Thirunavukkaras’s Autograph

Kalki’s Bharathi

Thirunavukkarasu was one of the Speakers in 1993 Sathabdi Function for Mahaperiyava at Eros Theatre,LB Road,Adyar,where,Sri Jayendrar opened a Photo Exhibition of Vignesh Photo Studios on Mahaperiyava.There were many Learned Speakers like Soundara Kailasam and whenThirunavukkarasu spoke..he narrated this miracle incident..

He said his sister,Meenam,was having some Health problems and was unable to speak properly and Thirunavukkarasu consulted many doctors but cdn’t get her cured.He decided to take her to Kattupalli,near Ennore,where Mahaperiyava was camping in an Island.People had to cross only through a Boat to reach that place.

He said :”When we reached that place Mahaperiyava was so kind enough to enquire all about my sister,Meenam..He gave Prasadams and asked us to take food first(there was hardly any cooking facility but He made arrangements)and come back..When we returned ,looking at our worries,fondly enquired again about  my sister,” Is she the One?”

“Yes Mahaperiyava”..tears in my eyes!After a brief silence,He asked her to Read “Thirumurukatrupadai”(11 th Thirumarai by Nakkeerar)daily..I told Mahaperiyava,she is not in a position to read or write or  do anything..Then Mahaperiyava asked my wife or myself to read it out for her every day when she goes to Bed..Exactly on the 45th day of our reading the Thirumurukatrupadai..she recovered completely all right and now she is married and well settled..All His Grace..”Collapsed an uncontrollable Thirunavukkarasu..!

Nadamadum Deivam indeed..

Please listen to His sweet voice singing..on this Happy Tamil New Years Day!

Miracles of Mahaperiyava..Justice Kailasam

On the 5th April 2018 Anusham Programme,we celeberated the 32nd Anusham Programme At Shenbagm Estate,Madampatti with His benign Bountiful Blessings..

Sincere  Subramanian Sastri

Once Swami Vivekananda was asked by an Atheist:”What happens when one Doesn’t Believe in God?’

Swami Vivekananda countered him with a fitting Reply:”Those who have Faith can feel His Presence in Everything Good happening around them!Those who don’t will attribute everything -ve around them to His absence,thereby wasting their Life on -ve things!”

True Words..since I started this Anusham Program, casually in Madampatti, I didn’t expect such a +ve change in me and around me!Faith in God gives purpose and Meaning to Humanlife!

Anusham 5th April 18

Anusham 5th April 18

Anusham 5th April 18

I recalled a Miracle experience of Mrs.Kailasam,wife of Supreme Court Judge ,Kailasam, who retired in the 80s.Kailasams were ardent devotees of Mahaperiyava. In 1993 there was a Photo exhibition of Mahaperiyava in Eros thetre,LBRoad,Adyar as part of Mahaperiyava’s Sathabdi Celebrations.Sri Jayendrar inaugurated and there  were many prominent Speakers including Soundara Kailasam, Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu,MD of IOB which sponsored the program!

Mrs.Kailasam, wife of Justice Kailasam, who was also present, cdnt control her tears when she narrated this incident:

“Once we were travelling to Bombay after his retirement by train for a Tribunal meeting ,in which,my husband was a Member. Since Mahaperiyava was camping in Mahagaon,on the banks of Krishna River,we decided to break journey at Cuddapah,have His Darshan and catch the next train to Bombay!

When we reached Mahagaon, Mahaperiyava received us as if Expecting our arrival and was in a very jovial mood,discussing about various issues concerning our Family!Then,when we wanted to take ‘Utharavu’,He smilingly asked us ‘Today is Pradosham!Why don’t you stay back and enjoy this banks of Krishna River!’

My husband said ‘I Have a meeting in Bombay and that’s why!’

Mahaperiyava’When is the meeting?’

Kailasam ‘Day after Tomorrow!’

Mahaperiyava ‘You have plenty of time but probably you are not used to such inconvenient places ,like the river sands!”

Mrs.Kailasam, said ‘Oh No  no Mahaperiyava. We will stay here as per your wish!”and they sent an assistant to rebook tkts for the next day…Mrs.Kailasam Cdnt control her tears when she said ‘that the train we ought to have gone met with a major accident and 198 were killed!

Nadamadum Deivam




When DK Pattammal was just 7 yrs old,her father,Krishnasamy Dikshitar,a very ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava,took her to sing infront of Kanchi Mahan.After hearing her voice,Mahaperiyava blessed her saying:”Saraswathi Kadaksham is with you in abundance.None can stop you from becoming a very famous singer Oneday!”

When Pattammal wanted to sing in Kanchipuram Katcheris as a teenage girl,her 8 auntis(father’s sisters)vehemently opposed this move saying..”No way..You won’t get a proper alliance once you go on stage singing..”A quiet Dikshitar vetoed all his sisters saying:”Mahaperiyava has said she will become a Great Singer One day..I don’t want that saying to be disproved..!”Thats how DKP and all her families continued their total Devotion to Mahaperiyava,as she started getting huge support from the audience especially after her famous songs in Papanasam Sivan’s movies.

When India got Independence,it was DKP’s “aaduvome Pallipaduvome”broadcast all over South India by the All India Radio..and if we listen to that song,I don’t  know whom to be admired in this scene… the Genius of Kumari Kamala or AVM or the sweet voice of DKP..or the Lyrics of Bharathi!A Masterpiece I wd love to listen everydday of my Life!



Many Volumes have been written about  DKP by many, but I recall here her absolute humility in an incident when I was present.It was 89 or 90  when TTVasu was celeberating  his Shashtiabtha poorthi in TTK premises at TTKs,Cathedral Road.He having married a Swede,his brother Narasimhan,Padma Narasimhan and all others had arranged for a real Indian style Marriage celeberations..DKP was also present and she sincerely sang all the Kalyana Songs to the delight of all..I was sitting next to her..cannot find a more humble Genius!

My mother used to often say..MS,MLV,DKP all three are Genius..No doubt..But I love DKP more because we can take a pencil and write down the lyrics when DKP sings..so much Spashtam!

God bless this Great Heritage!