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Sri Annadurai Iyengar

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Mahaperiyava on Kanakadara Stotram!

Mahaperiyava’s Miracles are innumerable. He is truly the Rebirth of Adi Sankara Himself!

If anyone has any doubts, one should listen to this amazing video of Kanakadara Laxminarain,who was an agnostic at an young age!

Laxminarain,an young graduate,working in MIT and Egmore to make both ends meetin the 50s to feed nearly 17 people,all alone,was so devastated in life that he was questioning  everything about God,as he has never seen a happy day since his birth!His father, despite losing all his ancestral wealth near Mayavaram,Maraiyur,a huge Zamin,was sincerely doing Rudram Chamakam every day!He was a Great devotee of Mahaperiyava,often telling Mahaperiyava about Laxminarain’s behaviour and one day Mahaperiyava decides to even visit their house in Chennai!But they didn’t have anything to offer Him just like that Poor lady Adi Sankara asks for Bavathi Bikshan Dehi!

Despite Laxminarain’s warnings to his son to be present to receive Mahaperiyava,Laxminarain purposely absents himself from that house for that evening!This infuriates Laxminarain’s father!

During the visit,Mahaperiyava gives this Silver Chakra to Laxminarain’s father!

Sri Chakra given by Mahaperiyava

They still have it and do the puja.

How this changes the life of Kanakadara Laxminarain is a miracle one shd listen to this video!

Tears would roll down in many places!

What I admired most is Mahaperiyava’s interpretation of Kanakadara Stotram, saying :

‘Adi Sankara challenges even Goddess Laxmi Herself?’

in those 21 Stanzas!

Infact according to Mahaperiyava,

Adi Sankara questions Goddess Laxmi ;

what is the use of you being a Goddess,

if you cannot help this deserving poor?

Then only Ambal realises the enormity of the poverty

and starts pouring Kanakadara,

on that Poor Lady

According to Laxminarain,exactly after 3 weeks of  this Silver Chakra given by Mahaperiyava,his poverty vanished like a Miracle and wealth started pouring in!He says “There was a time I could have bought the entire street where he was living in Madras!’

Please also don’t miss at the end :

Mahaperiyava’s Memory power when He was 98 ,He asks Laxminarain

“Rauwther eppadi irukkan?”

Laxminarain doesn’t even remember who that Rauwther is? Worth listening!

Nadamadum Deivam!

Dasavatharam – is 9th Avatar Balarama or Budha?

My 25th Anusham Programme on the 29th August was on Dasavathara, with particular emphasis on the 9th Avatar whether it is Balarama or Budha?

17th century Painting Victoria Museum

17th Century Painting Victoria Museum

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

There cannot be a more qualified Vedhic Scholar for such a topic than our own Dr. Raghavan! IMG_20170830_154429

Dr. Raghavan did a beautiful presentation of the Dasavathara and he was non committed on the specific subject except to quote from our Scriptures to leave the decision to ourselves.


My views based on some research based on Upanyasams of Dushyanth Sridar is (1)In some parts of India like Odisha they consider it is Budha as even Jayadeva’s Ashtapathi sings in praise of Him (2)According to Dushyanth Sridar, even AnnaAcharya’s song ‘Dolaya’ mentions Budha but he says it can’t be taken seriously! 

My search gave me the above unique painting from Victoria Museum of the 17th century where there is no mention of Budha nor the 18th century Silver Door at Goa Krishna Temple, nor the 13th Century architectural Marvel at Sringeri, where all Avatars are engraved are proof enough it is only Balarama! 

Dr. Raghavan substantiated this argument that it is only Balarama with quotes from Vedanthaka Desikan as below :

     Vedanta Desika in Desika Prabandam on Buddha. (ParaMatha Bhangam).
                   காணாதிலது எனும் கல்வியினாரைக் கடிந்ததிற்பின்
                   கோணார் குதர்க்கங்கள் கொண்டே குழப்பும் பவுத்தர்கள்
                    ஆணாதனைத்தும் இலதென்று நால்வகை யன்றிதென்றும்
                    வாணாளறுக்கின்ற மத்திமத்தான் வழி மாற்றுவமே||
                           மானமிலை மேயமிலை யென்று மற்றோர் 
                            வாதநெறி  யிலையென்றும்  வாதுபூண்ட
                            தானுமில்லை. தன்னுறையும் பொருளும் இல்லை
                            தத்துவத்தி  னுணர்த்திசய  மில்லை  யென்றும்
                            வானவரு மானவரு   மனமும்   வெள்க
                            வளம்பேச  மதிகேடன்  மத்தி  மத்தான்
                            தேனநெறி  கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே.||
                            {ப்ரமாணமில்லை, வஸ்து இல்லை, வாதமுறையில்லை
                            வாதம்புரியத்தானுமில்லை, தான்கூறும் வாக்கியமும் இல்லை, 
                             பொருளும் இல்லை. தத்துவம் இல்லை,  தத்துவ ஞானமில்லை,
                              எல்லாமே சூன்யம்.   கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே. }
He also quoted from Bagavatham as below :

Dasavataram : Buddha Avataram

Srimad Bhagavatam Reference: Skanda 1, Adhyaya 3: Sloka 24
          Tata: kalow sampravruttE sammOhAya surad vishAm
           BuddhO nAmnA jana sutha: keekatEshu Bhavishyati
              (Meaning: Then, in the beginning of Kaliyuga, tge Lord will appear as Buddha, the 
                son of Anjana, in the province of Kikata (Bihar) just for the purpose of infatuating, 
               (sammOhAya), those who are envious of the faithful.)
It was indeed a learning process for novices like me and such Sath Sangams help us to go into depth  of such subjects! 
              Sathyameva Jayathe! 






Dr. Raja Ramanna’s Experience

Our 24th Anusham programme on 2nd August 2017 at Madampatti,Coimbatore,was made memorable by the Spiritual experiences of Mrs. Chandra Janakiram and Savitri Viswanathan. 

Anusham programme Aug’17

Chandra Janakiram’s Experience

Every Indian must have heard of the great Nuclear Scientist, Head of BARC, Dr. Raja Ramanna.I narrated his experience with Mahaperiyava from an article on Mahaperiyava appeared in a Bhavan’s Journal, which I reproduced in my Sankara Jayanthi Souvenir in 1985 in Nigeria :

Narrating Raja Ramanna’s Experience

Raja Ramanna was more westernized in his younger days with a sort of hatred towards anything ritualistic! He as an young lad, had an argument with his neighbour, a 60 yr old highly Orthodox Brahmin who wanted to teach Vedas to this young lad but Raja Ramanna was not at all interested when the old man told him :”You will one day realise the real Treasure of our Upanishads!”

Savitri Viswanathan’s Experience

Raja Ramanna,describes in this article that he realised after several years the Greatness of our culture as an Astrophysicist, with a good knowledge of Sanskrit, when he was nearing 60!Though he was a great Piano Player,his world changed as he started taking interest in Upanishads!He however didn’t believe in Sages/Seers/sentimental Indians but he had a Manager in Kalpakkam Reactor Research Unit ,an Iyengar,a great devotee of Paramacharya,who constantly insisted that Dr.Raja Ramanna should oneday visit the great Seer at Kanchipuram,which Raja Ramanna constantly refused to do so!One fine morning Raja Ramanna ,during a visit to Chennai,had told Iyengar:”OK This time I will try to see “Your Seer”for your sake.Fix up a time!”

Raja Ramanna writes in this article :

“As soon as I landed in Meenambakkam,I asked Krishnamurthy who was supposed to take me to Kanchipuram,’Have you fixed an appointment with Kanchi Paramacharya?”

Krishnamurthy was silent for a few minutes and Raja Ramanna,being impatient,repeated the question.Krishnamurthy,answered :”Sir None fixes appointment with Paramacharya!We have to take a chance!Incase He is on mouna,we cant even discuss anything!”which infuriarated Raja Ramanna further !

On reaching Kanchipuram,Raja Ramanna was surprised to see the seer living in a small room,belying all his imaginations of a great Seer ,living  in all luxury! There were several devotees waiting for hours to have His Darshan.

‘Suddenly’ Raja Ramanna writes:’I saw a set of security personnel entered saying that the Governor of Tamilnadu was coming.Raja Ramanna says:”I realised in a few moments,the atmosphere made me realise that this place is beyond the realms of vastness of the Material world and my darshan at the Age old Adi Sankara temple inside the Ashram made me very simple and purified.I understood to what extent I was ignorant when I asked for an appointment with the Acharya!”

I saw the Acharya,on a raised platform,adjoining the room through a small window,barely a square foot wide,through which devotees peep into get His darshan!I also peeped in,and saw in the somewhat dim light,the Acharya,deeply engrossed turning the page of a book.At this moment the Governor arrived and we all moved back.The Governor also went to that Window for a short time and left soon after,but all the while the Acharya continued His search among the books,irrespective of what was happening outside!

A little while  later a strange  peace seemed to envelop us and I felt as though we were in a space where the devotees,the temple and everything around us were some minor objects in a great enactment.Everything around was simple to the extreme,and while I was meditating about why we-an odd assortment of people-were there at all,it began to appear that the strains of the Rg Veda was the only material thing of Value in that atmosphere!

Suddenly one of the aides of the Swamiji called us to the window,as the Acharya wanted to see us.He then asked His aides in a very weak voice in Tamil to open the pages of a book.After selecting the page with the finger from a distance,He asked me,if I knew enough Sanskrit.I was happy that I had Krishnamurthy,who teaches Vedas,with me!

During the discussion with the Acharya,a miracle happened.He asked me :”Have you read the philosophy of Nagarjuna?’I told Him, that is the very philosophy I am reading right now on my way by Prof Hiriyanna  of Mysore University on Indian Philosophy!I said Nagarjuna is the greatest scientific philosopher at all times.The Swamiji nodded His head and asked me to send Him a copy of this book.The discussions veered around “Katyayana”.

(Kātyāyana was born in a Brahmin family at Ujjayini (Ujjain) and received a classical Brahminical education studying the Vedas. Katyayana studied assiduously under Asita, who had predicted that Prince Siddharta would become either a chakravartin, a great worldly ruler, or a Buddha. With a group of seven friends he invited the Buddha to visit, and gained enlightenment (bodhi) while listening to him preach. He was ordained, and made numerous converts in the state of Avanti.[1] He is known as Phra Sangkajai in Thai Buddhism and portrayed as extremely portly.

Kātyāyana is listed as one of the ten principal disciples of Gautama Buddha: MahākassapaĀnandaSāriputtaSubhutiPunnaMoggallāna, Mahākaccāna, AnuruddhaUpali and Rāhula. He was foremost in explaining Dharma.)


Katyayana,in one of the Vartikas,”sidham thu nivarthakathvaath also shows himself in favour of Advaitha.”said the Acharya.The meaning of the above Vartika is as follows:

“Truth is Brahman.Knowledge is Brahman and Brahman is Endless.We can understand Brahman by experience.So what is the use of the sentences taken from philosophy ,satyam gnanamanatham brahma etc.,which tell about God?

It is a repetition only.Is it not?

No.The scholars know Brahman well.Others will have confusion.In order to avoid it,these sentences repeat the same frequently.Even the Bhashyakara,Patanjali,while commenting on the Sutra opines,in favour of Advaitha.How can we see the mark of Asat?(Non existing)

Yes.We can see it.It is like Mirage!”

The discussion was educative that at places I was able to discuss with Him in my own Kannada Language and He cleared some of my doubts.

Then He blessed us by raising His hands when we prostrated for His asservatham!

I must have been in direct contact with Swamiji for less than half an hour,but in regions outside material time ,I must have been with Him always!Here atlast I knew I had been in the presence of a learned man and an Inspired Man!(coutesy Bhavan’s Journal)

My Classmates






Ramakrishna Mutt,Elk Hills, Ooty

RKMUTT ELK HILLS OOTY was established in the year 1924 by Swami Shivananda 



Swami Shivananda was one of the foremost disciples of Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda called him ‘Mahapurusha Maharaj’ as He was married at an young age due to some family commitments, ‘against His will and remained a Bachelor with the consent of His wife’ . After 3 years of married life, His wife passed away and He met Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna and surrendered to His divine power, being Sri Ramakrishnar ‘s foremost Disciple !

Swami Shivananda aka Mahapurusha

Ooty Ramakrishna Mutt was founded by Him in 1924 in ELK Hills, known as Bishop’s Town at that time! This 2 Acre plot was donated by a Washerman, Thiruvengadam Pillai, who was a great devotee of Devi Mariamman! One day he had a dream and Devi wanted him to donate this plot for a Temple. It so happened that when Swami Shivananda was looking for a plot to build the RK Mutt, He met Thiruvengadam, who said “I have been searching for some one like you, Swamiji,  for the last 2 years!”

Daily Programme

Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna

The structure we see is the same as built in 1924, even today spreading the Gospel of Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna and serving the local community in various ways like other RK Mutts. Swami Shivananda started RK Mutts in Mumbai and Nagpur also later on.
One of His Disciples is Swami Chidbhavananda (see my blogSwami Chidbhavananda) who started various RK Ashrams all over Tamilnadu and today educating nearly 80000 students every year!

RK Mutt Ooty

Bhajans @RKMutt

Arthi @RKMutt Ooty

Earlier years of Swami Shivananda :
He was employed in McKinnon and Mckenzie before He was attracted towards Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna!
We get inspired so much when we go back to that time and imagine the selfless sacrifice made by such Great Saints!
Group photo taken on 30 January 1887 In Baranagar Math, Kolkata.

First set of Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Shivananda, left extreme

Standing: (l–r) ) Swami Shivananda, Swami Ramakrishnananda, Swami Vivekananda, Randhuni, Debendranath Majumdar, Mahendranath Gupta (Shri M), Swami Trigunatitananda, H.Mustafi
Sitting: (l–r) Swami Niranjanananda, Swami Saradananda, Hutko Gopal, Swami Abhedananda

He wrote after His first visit of Sri Ramakrishna “I have not yet come to a final understanding whether He [Ramakrishna] was a man or a superman, a god or the God Himself, but I have known him to be a man of complete self-effacement, master of the highest renunciation, possessed of supreme wisdom, and the supreme incarnation of love.”

Tarak Ghosal , as His original name, continued to visit Dakshineswar till Ramakrishna fell ill and was brought, first to the Shyampukur house and then later to the Cossipore Garden House. In Cossipore, Tarak joined with others including Narendranath Dutta, later known as Swami Vivekananda, to serve Sri Ramakrishna.

After the death of Ramakrishna in 1886, the small group of direct disciples who decided to embrace monastic life gathered round in a dilapidated house in Baranagar; Tarak was one of the first to settle there. Thus began the Baranagar monastery of the Ramakrishna Math.
Swami Shivananda passed away in 1934 and His memory is kept alive next to Sri Ramakrishnar’s in Baranagar!

Whenever I spend a few days in Ooty, I just can’t imagine what an amnt of Dedication and Guru Bakthi , Swami Shivananda, Swami Vivekananda and others have had, for Bagwan Sri Ramakrishna ! Unimaginable! 
Every year Sri Ramakrishnar’s Birthday is a great festive activity here with poor feeding and many cultural activities, attracting 10s of 1000s to this temple!
This RK Mutt quietly helps all poor in this area with free education, medical facilities and does feeding as a regular activity!

God Bless such Great Temples of Selfless Sacrifice!

Amazing Architectural Marvel – Avudaiyar Koil

Avudaiyar Koil

Avudaiyar Koil

Beautiful Statue of Vinayaka

Beautiful Statue of Vinayaka

My journey to age old Marvels of India took me this week to Avudaiyar Koil, an Architectural Marvel, 100 KM South of Trichy!This temple, called Thiruperundurai by Manickvasagar, is said to have been built by Him! Amazing intricate carvings makes it  as Great as Meenakshi Amman Temple!

Avudaiyar Koil

Avudaiyar Koil

The presiding deity is formless ATMANATAR!  There is no Shivalingam  but only a pedestal {Avudayar} located in the sanctum, hence the name Avudayar Koil.His consort is worshipped as Siva Yoga Nayaki in iconless form. There is no Nandi,  bull icon. There is deep spiritual significance in the queerness. Upanishads says  deity n Idol worship are only for beginners in the initial stage. As the devotee and his devotion matures,attaining gyanam, he has to realise the truth of formlessness. To illustrate the theology, the temple has been designed. This is the only Saivaite shrine in whole of India to portray the supreme truth symbolically. Since the soul (Athma) has no form, the deity is called Athmanathar.

Manickvasagar,being the prime minister, He spent all the money given to Him by the King, Varuguna Pandyan II to buy horses,  in building this temple. As He was bereft of money, Lord SHIVA displayed one of his Thiruvilayadall (holy prank) by transforming foxes to horses and once they were given to the king, they again became foxes! 


The temple is noted for the granite roof work. The ceiling of the Kanaga sabhai (golden hall) is a grandeur creation in stone. The ropes, rafters and nails all are made of granite.The bow wielding MURUGA, KALI and SHIVA’s rudra thandavam (wild dance) are the finest specimens in sculptural art.

Many renovations have been carried out, much of the current structure dates to the fifteenth Century . The temple covers an area of over 10 acres and faces south, constructed in such a way, that the setting sun strikes the sanctum even though it is cloistered within three circumambulatory paths. The thousand pillared hall has several delicately crafted pillars with depictions of the Oordhwa Tandavam of Shiva, Kaaraikkaal Ammaiyaar, Dhanurdhara Subramanya, etc.

One must take all steps to visit such Marvels of age old Architectural Beauty! 

Darasuram -Cosmic Dance of Shiva as Explained by Carl Sagan!


Darasuram.. a monumental architectural master piece from Raja Raja Cholan period..lots of similarity between Gangai Konda Cholapuram and this temple..

“Airavateswarar Temple at Darasuram near Kumbhakonam”


It is a very small town which has come to eminence due to the famous Siva temple of Airavateswarar, which abounds in architectural and rare sculptural specimens of workmanship.


The name Darasuram is said to be a corruption of the original name Rajarajapuram, and this temple – smaller than the Periya Kovil and Gangai Konda Choleeswaram dates back to Raja Raja II’s period (12th century AD). The Periya Nayaki Amman temple stands out as a separate temple because the outer walls of the temple have disappeared with the passage of time, unlike the original Periya Kovil in Thanjavur.


Darasuram is described as a sculptor’s dream re-lived in stone. The front mandapam itself is in the form of a huge chariot drawn by horses. Paintings and sculptured panels abound here, causing this shrine to be a veritable storehouse of art. The Vimanam is only about 80 feet in height. In front of the temple are stone panels which produce tones of varying pitches when struck.”03-04-04-dsc00839

 The legend goes to show that Airavata, the white elephant of Indra, worshipped Lord Siva in this temple; so did also the King of Death, Yama. Tradition has it that the presiding deity Airavateswarar cured Yama himself (the God of Death) who was suffering under a Rishi’s curse from a burning sensation all over the body. Yama took bath in the sacred tank and got rid of the burning sensation. Since then the tank is known as Yamateertham.

 Raja Raja Chola and Karikala Chola worshipped the Siva Lingam in this temple. South Indian Temple Inscriptions deals with a number of endowments of the Pandya Kings … On the temple walls these inscriptions are given, from which it is seen that the temple was known in those days as Raja Rajeswararn and Raja Rajapuram. Two such inscriptions are copied here.03-04-08-dsc00843

Carl Sagan, Great Astrophysicist, visits Darasuram and says :Hindu Philosophy is probably true that every Bigbang  is end of one cosmic  cycle and a beginning of another as shown by the Cosmic Dance of Nataraja :