Shraddanjali for Jayendrar@Shenbagam Estate.

Shraddanjali for Jayendrar@Shenbagam on 3rd March 18

Lighting of Kuthuvillakku@Shraddanjali for Jayendrar@ Shenbagam

Lighting of Kuthuvillakku@Shraddanjali for Jayendrar@ Shenbagam

Lighting of Kuthuvilakku was performed by Mrs.Viswanathan,whose husband’s grandfather,T.S.Ramachandra Aiyer was a classmate of Mahaperiyava in Kumbakonam


While recalling Sri Jayendrar’s immense contribution in Education and Health, from Sri Chandrasekharendra Mahavidyalaya@Kanchipuram, SIES@NERUL to Sankara Nethralayas,Hindu Mission Hospitals,Sankara Schools,Oriental Schools to Sankara Mutts all over India,Sikkim and Nepal,Shenbagam Seniors paid rich tributes for His Selfless sacrifice!

Dr.Raghavan, fondly remembered his close association with Mahaperiyava from an age of 7 yrs with some rare and interesting anecdotes like :
(1)How his father often used to recall Mahaperiyava’s contribution in including Article 26 in the Constitution, by  asking many Hindu devotees in 1946 to send Telegrams and delegations to Nehru ,which wd have otherwise taken away all the freedom of Hindu Temples!He said :”All Hindus must be ever grateful for this to Mahaperiyava and Kanchi Mutt  for eternity!”

Shenbagam Seniors

(2)Dr.Raghavan also narrated how in the 60s,when they wanted to build a Temple inside IIT Campus  Madras,approached Mahaperiyava, who said “there is a Shivalinga nearly 1000 yr old somewhere, try to find the same and consecrate the same!”They were surprised to find such an ageold Lingam after extensive search, which was installed and Kumbabishekam was done by Sri Jayendrar”he said.

Dr.Raghavan@Shraddanjali for Jayendrar@ Shenbagam

(3)Dr.Raghavan, always used to proudly display his Namam,even as a Child!When Mahaperiyava was camping,in his village, Mahaperiyava called 7 yr old Raghavan with Namam,and enquired ” Do you know திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி?”
Raghavan said “Yes by heart!”
Mahaperiyava asked him to go to nearby Mudikondan,where a ‘திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி?”competition  was going on immediately.
Young Raghavan went to Mudikondan, where they asked him in a crowd of 500 “Do you know திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி?”
Raghavan said “Yes”
They asked him to recite and to the entire surprise of 500,it was  தி ருமால் திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி?
The organisers immediately asked Raghavan ” who sent you here?”
Raghavan said “only Mahaperiyava!”
Immediately all realised their folly that  திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி is not owned by Shivites alone!Thondaradipodiyazhwar’s  திருப்பள்ளி எழுச்சி for Renganathar is the Oldest of all!
On the whole it was a memorable occasion remembering The Great Contributions of Mahaperiyava and Jayendrar !


Only Temple for Gargay Maharishi , Kerala

Gargayswarar, Pallassana

During my recent visit to Pallasana, near Palghat, I made it a point to visit Gargayswarar Temple, nearby. This is the only one of its kind for Gargay Maharishi, my Gotra too!

Gargayswarar Temple, Pallassana

Gargay  is a rare Gotra and the Temple is a beautiful, quiet place by the side of a Nice Tank and a Big Peepul Tree!(அரச மரம் மரங்களுக்கெல்லாம் அரசன் as it inhales max CO2 and gives out Max O2 to surroundings! See our ancestors’ Scientific designs in every aspect of Life!) 

Gargayswarar, Pallassana

Gargayswarar, Pallassana

According to the Brihadaranyaka Upanisad 2.2.6, Gautama and Bharadvāja, Viśvāmitra and Jamadagni, Vashishtha and Kaśhyapa and Shandilya are seven sages (also known as saptarishi); the progeny of these seven sages are declared to be gotras. This enumeration of seven primary gotras seems to have been known to Pāṇini. The offspring (apatya) of these seven are gotras and others than these are called gotrâvayava.

There exists another theory about gotra: sons and disciples of a sage would have the same gotra; it is believed that they possess similar thought and philosophy. People of the same gotra can be found across different castes too.

Gargayswarar, Pallassana

Gargayswarar Temple

Gaargya belongs to ANGIRA LINEAGE.

There are two Gaargas and one lady.

1. Men – a. Vruddha Gaargya aka Senior Garga who lived around 5,450 yearsago and as all Angiradescendants

He is an expert on AtharvaNa Veda. and also a Jyothish Scholar

b. Garga Muni , a grand son of Senior Garga did NaamakaraNam for Balaraama and Krishna ; He is a  Kula Guru for Yaadavas.

2.Lady Gaargi is an ancestor of the above . She is a great vedic Scholar ,a contemporary of King Janaka.






(Tks to Respected Vedhic Scholar, Balakrishna Ramaraju who furnished me the above details in 2007 about Gargay Gotra!)

For those interested to contribute for the ensuing Sivarathri Special Puja on 13th to 17th February  for this unique Gargayswarar Temple:




SB ACCT :006405300000471





Anjumurthy Temple, Kerala

Anjumurthy Temple, Mangalam, Kerala

Palghat and near by villages are dotted with age old amazing Temples, if one wishes to spend some useful and peaceful Time.

One such unique Temple, near Alathur is Anjumurthy Temple, a rare temple for Mahavishnu’s Sudarsana Chakra!


Maha Sudarsanam is the strongest weapon of Lord Mahavishnu. Sundarsanam is used by Maha Vishnu towards enemies with cuts enemies head and return back to his hand. It is believed that sudarsana is separating head from body, denoting seperating “Maya” and giving moksha. 

The presiding deity here is this ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ as self-formed deity. Lord Maha Vishnu is presiding here in Saint form, Shiva on one side, Karthikeya devi in dancing posture, on the backside and Sastha and Ganapathi, on another side are adorable! A small Hanuman statue looks a later date addition!
Sudarsanam here is approximately 3 feets height. It is believed that worshipping here will protect devotees from all evil spirits and other obstacles. 
I admire the Keralites’ taste for cleanliness for Temples and sincerity while praying!


Mahaperiyava Aradhanai 14th December 2017 @Madampatti



By Mahaperiyava’s Blessings our 27th Anusham programme and Mahaperiyava’s Aradhanai on the 14th December 2017,  brought peace and Tranquility to our  Shenbhagam Estate at Madampatti, with the Vedhic Chanting of Vidyarthis from Sri Gayatri Subramaniam Ganapadigal ‘s Gurukulam! 












Please also see the Blog on Sri Annadurai Iyengar whose contributions for Vedha Rakshana Nidhi Trust is immeasurable!Sri Annadurai Iyengar

Blessed by Mahaperiyava @Mahagaon and given to me

Mahaperiyava on Kanakadara Stotram!

Mahaperiyava’s Miracles are innumerable. He is truly the Rebirth of Adi Sankara Himself!

If anyone has any doubts, one should listen to this amazing video of Kanakadara Laxminarain,who was an agnostic at an young age!

Laxminarain,an young graduate,working in MIT and Egmore to make both ends meetin the 50s to feed nearly 17 people,all alone,was so devastated in life that he was questioning  everything about God,as he has never seen a happy day since his birth!His father, despite losing all his ancestral wealth near Mayavaram,Maraiyur,a huge Zamin,was sincerely doing Rudram Chamakam every day!He was a Great devotee of Mahaperiyava,often telling Mahaperiyava about Laxminarain’s behaviour and one day Mahaperiyava decides to even visit their house in Chennai!But they didn’t have anything to offer Him just like that Poor lady Adi Sankara asks for Bavathi Bikshan Dehi!

Despite Laxminarain’s warnings to his son to be present to receive Mahaperiyava,Laxminarain purposely absents himself from that house for that evening!This infuriates Laxminarain’s father!

During the visit,Mahaperiyava gives this Silver Chakra to Laxminarain’s father!

Sri Chakra given by Mahaperiyava

They still have it and do the puja.

How this changes the life of Kanakadara Laxminarain is a miracle one shd listen to this video!

Tears would roll down in many places!

What I admired most is Mahaperiyava’s interpretation of Kanakadara Stotram, saying :

‘Adi Sankara challenges even Goddess Laxmi Herself?’

in those 21 Stanzas!

Infact according to Mahaperiyava,

Adi Sankara questions Goddess Laxmi ;

what is the use of you being a Goddess,

if you cannot help this deserving poor?

Then only Ambal realises the enormity of the poverty

and starts pouring Kanakadara,

on that Poor Lady

According to Laxminarain,exactly after 3 weeks of  this Silver Chakra given by Mahaperiyava,his poverty vanished like a Miracle and wealth started pouring in!He says “There was a time I could have bought the entire street where he was living in Madras!’

Please also don’t miss at the end :

Mahaperiyava’s Memory power when He was 98 ,He asks Laxminarain

“Rauwther eppadi irukkan?”

Laxminarain doesn’t even remember who that Rauwther is? Worth listening!

Nadamadum Deivam!

Dasavatharam – is 9th Avatar Balarama or Budha?

My 25th Anusham Programme on the 29th August was on Dasavathara, with particular emphasis on the 9th Avatar whether it is Balarama or Budha?

17th century Painting Victoria Museum

17th Century Painting Victoria Museum

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

18th Century Dasavatharam Krishna Temple Door Goa

There cannot be a more qualified Vedhic Scholar for such a topic than our own Dr. Raghavan! IMG_20170830_154429

Dr. Raghavan did a beautiful presentation of the Dasavathara and he was non committed on the specific subject except to quote from our Scriptures to leave the decision to ourselves.


My views based on some research based on Upanyasams of Dushyanth Sridar is (1)In some parts of India like Odisha they consider it is Budha as even Jayadeva’s Ashtapathi sings in praise of Him (2)According to Dushyanth Sridar, even AnnaAcharya’s song ‘Dolaya’ mentions Budha but he says it can’t be taken seriously! 

My search gave me the above unique painting from Victoria Museum of the 17th century where there is no mention of Budha nor the 18th century Silver Door at Goa Krishna Temple, nor the 13th Century architectural Marvel at Sringeri, where all Avatars are engraved are proof enough it is only Balarama! 

Dr. Raghavan substantiated this argument that it is only Balarama with quotes from Vedanthaka Desikan as below :

     Vedanta Desika in Desika Prabandam on Buddha. (ParaMatha Bhangam).
                   காணாதிலது எனும் கல்வியினாரைக் கடிந்ததிற்பின்
                   கோணார் குதர்க்கங்கள் கொண்டே குழப்பும் பவுத்தர்கள்
                    ஆணாதனைத்தும் இலதென்று நால்வகை யன்றிதென்றும்
                    வாணாளறுக்கின்ற மத்திமத்தான் வழி மாற்றுவமே||
                           மானமிலை மேயமிலை யென்று மற்றோர் 
                            வாதநெறி  யிலையென்றும்  வாதுபூண்ட
                            தானுமில்லை. தன்னுறையும் பொருளும் இல்லை
                            தத்துவத்தி  னுணர்த்திசய  மில்லை  யென்றும்
                            வானவரு மானவரு   மனமும்   வெள்க
                            வளம்பேச  மதிகேடன்  மத்தி  மத்தான்
                            தேனநெறி  கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே.||
                            {ப்ரமாணமில்லை, வஸ்து இல்லை, வாதமுறையில்லை
                            வாதம்புரியத்தானுமில்லை, தான்கூறும் வாக்கியமும் இல்லை, 
                             பொருளும் இல்லை. தத்துவம் இல்லை,  தத்துவ ஞானமில்லை,
                              எல்லாமே சூன்யம்.   கொண்டனைத்துந்  திருடாவண்ணஞ்
                            செழுமதிபோ லெழுமதியாற்  சேமித்  தோமே. }
He also quoted from Bagavatham as below :

Dasavataram : Buddha Avataram

Srimad Bhagavatam Reference: Skanda 1, Adhyaya 3: Sloka 24
          Tata: kalow sampravruttE sammOhAya surad vishAm
           BuddhO nAmnA jana sutha: keekatEshu Bhavishyati
              (Meaning: Then, in the beginning of Kaliyuga, tge Lord will appear as Buddha, the 
                son of Anjana, in the province of Kikata (Bihar) just for the purpose of infatuating, 
               (sammOhAya), those who are envious of the faithful.)
It was indeed a learning process for novices like me and such Sath Sangams help us to go into depth  of such subjects! 
              Sathyameva Jayathe!