Anjumurthy Temple, Kerala

Anjumurthy Temple, Mangalam, Kerala

Palghat and near by villages are dotted with age old amazing Temples, if one wishes to spend some useful and peaceful Time.

One such unique Temple, near Alathur is Anjumurthy Temple, a rare temple for Mahavishnu’s Sudarsana Chakra!


Maha Sudarsanam is the strongest weapon of Lord Mahavishnu. Sundarsanam is used by Maha Vishnu towards enemies with cuts enemies head and return back to his hand. It is believed that sudarsana is separating head from body, denoting seperating “Maya” and giving moksha. 

The presiding deity here is this ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ as self-formed deity. Lord Maha Vishnu is presiding here in Saint form, Shiva on one side, Karthikeya devi in dancing posture, on the backside and Sastha and Ganapathi, on another side are adorable! A small Hanuman statue looks a later date addition!
Sudarsanam here is approximately 3 feets height. It is believed that worshipping here will protect devotees from all evil spirits and other obstacles. 
I admire the Keralites’ taste for cleanliness for Temples and sincerity while praying!



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