Sri Mahadeva Temple, Kavassery, 1300 Yr old Temple!

IIn my pursuit to see age old Temples of India, led me to a 1300 Yr old, unique, Temple for Brahma Vishnu Shiva, near Alathur, Kerala, on the new year Eve!


The Temple looked deserted and remote but a very sincere Gopalakrishnan, the only priest managing this unique architectural beauty so very well!  We were surprised by his Devotion!


He received us at the Pradosha neram on 31st December, saying “I was praying God to send someone for the Puja, as I have done today, thorough cleaning of the Sanctum! He became emotional when he did the Special Puja for my family and explained the Uniqueness of the Temple. There is only, one other temple for Brahma Vishnu Shiva,  one in Suchindram and another one  in Kodumudy! 

We were so touched by his special Puja for us,  on the eve of the New Year! He explained how Cobras come and go and once when he opened the door, one fell on his head and sped away harmlessly. I saw the unique Snake Pit inside the Temple and for a single man, managing this age old Temple, is a real challenge too. He was God’s Messenger, we felt, specially sent for us on this New Year’s Eve! 

Can’t ask for anything more! 

I narrowly missed crushing a 6feet long  Cobra, leisurely crossing while we were driving! The truck driver following us,  stopped the Traffic on time for the Majestic Reptile to cross the road at its own Pace! 



5 thoughts on “Sri Mahadeva Temple, Kavassery, 1300 Yr old Temple!

  1. Dear Suri
    A very nice information of this 1300 years old Temple. Thanks for posting. Let the Gods shower blessings to all.

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