Miracle of Mahaperiyava – Mathrubootham Ganapadigal!

View from Agni Theertham

Kanchi Mutt Rameswaram

When I am traveling to meet my precious old Engg College Classmates on our Golden Jubilee, tomorrow, I pen down this Miracle Experience,  on Mahaperiyava’s Lotus feet, as He has protected me from innumerable, impossible situations, like this one!

Mahaperiyava by Shilpi

Mahaperiyava by Shilpi

1967, was my final year Engineering in Alagappa College of Engineering and I thought I had done all my Exams reasonably well and was awaiting the results in Ramnad ! My close friend S. N. Subramanian from Bikshandarkoil used to be in touch with me over phone, as we were all eagerly awaiting the results. He was in the habit of regularly meeting our Staff Members like Kulathumani who was in Trichy, for updates on some Juicy Campus Gossips! One day, SNS, gave me a ring! He seemed perturbed! He enquired me how I had done my Mechanical Lab Practical! I said I had done reasonably well! SNS said “Kulathumani says they have Failed You in Mechanical Lab! I thought, as a True friend I must bring to your attention immediately!” 

I was shocked beyond words and became nervous too!

S.N.Subramanian of Bikshandarkoil

S.N.Subramanian of Bikshandarkoil

(I must give here a background of some incidents in our Final Year Class! There was a major dispute between our final year students and 2nd year students, due to some filthy language used by the Juniors against our well respectable Rank Holding classmates, which became a real war in the Campus with the irrational Principal, suspending, a large no of our Classmates from the Hostel! I happened to be the elected Representative of our Mechanical Branch! Tho’ I was not involved in this dispute, some of my classmates like Muthuvadivu  & the President of our Students Union, Tajudin, wanted me to talk to my father, who was a well respected MLC,  to come & help our classmates to get reinducted!My father did come the next day & the Principal was forced to withdraw the Suspension orders. Because of my father’s interference, the Principal had a grudge against me, which he openly expressed after my father left our campus by calling me in the midst of all Professors and warning me

When my father saw me highly depressed after the phone call, asked me ‘what happened!’ I cdn’t control my tears when I told him about SNS’ msg. He was equally disturbed because, he thought sooner, I wd be earning enough to support him & three unmarried sisters!

Miracle :

There was one Mathrubootham Ganapadigal, the Principal of the Sanskrit College at Rameswaram, who was watching all this, as he had come to see my father, who was the Trustee for that Institution! He asked my father what happened! My father explained about the phone call! Mathrubootham asked my father:

“Which college? “

On hearing Alagappa Engg, Mathrubootham said

‘My son is also a Lecturer there!’ My father asked him his name. Mathrubootham said : ‘Nagarajan. He was in US n now in Karaikudi! ‘

I shouted  “Pappa.. He was the very person as my internal examiner for Mech Lab!”

I wept uncontrollably. Mathrubootham said

‘Don’t worry. I will ask him!’He dialed Nagarajan in front of us. Nagarajan said very clearly ‘None has failed in my class & I will not lie down till I take it up even upto the VC!

He later on informed his father, some manipulations had taken place, with the connivance of the external examiner & Nagarajan had to warn the Principal “that if the mistake is not rectified, he will even take Legal Action!”

At last when I saw my No in the papers I thanked only Mahaperiyava, as such coincidences of planting a Mathrubootham, that too coming all the way from Rameswaram, when there was a call from SNS,is beyond belief!

I have faith in all my life only on One God!

Nadamadum Deivam!



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