Miracles of Mahaperiyava..Justice Kailasam

On the 5th April 2018 Anusham Programme,we celeberated the 32nd Anusham Programme At Shenbagm Estate,Madampatti with His benign Bountiful Blessings..

Sincere  Subramanian Sastri

Once Swami Vivekananda was asked by an Atheist:”What happens when one Doesn’t Believe in God?’

Swami Vivekananda countered him with a fitting Reply:”Those who have Faith can feel His Presence in Everything Good happening around them!Those who don’t will attribute everything -ve around them to His absence,thereby wasting their Life on -ve things!”

True Words..since I started this Anusham Program, casually in Madampatti, I didn’t expect such a +ve change in me and around me!Faith in God gives purpose and Meaning to Humanlife!

Anusham 5th April 18

Anusham 5th April 18

Anusham 5th April 18

I recalled a Miracle experience of Mrs.Kailasam,wife of Supreme Court Judge ,Kailasam, who retired in the 80s.Kailasams were ardent devotees of Mahaperiyava. In 1993 there was a Photo exhibition of Mahaperiyava in Eros thetre,LBRoad,Adyar as part of Mahaperiyava’s Sathabdi Celebrations.Sri Jayendrar inaugurated and there  were many prominent Speakers including Soundara Kailasam, Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu,MD of IOB which sponsored the program!

Mrs.Kailasam, wife of Justice Kailasam, who was also present, cdnt control her tears when she narrated this incident:

“Once we were travelling to Bombay after his retirement by train for a Tribunal meeting ,in which,my husband was a Member. Since Mahaperiyava was camping in Mahagaon,on the banks of Krishna River,we decided to break journey at Cuddapah,have His Darshan and catch the next train to Bombay!

When we reached Mahagaon, Mahaperiyava received us as if Expecting our arrival and was in a very jovial mood,discussing about various issues concerning our Family!Then,when we wanted to take ‘Utharavu’,He smilingly asked us ‘Today is Pradosham!Why don’t you stay back and enjoy this banks of Krishna River!’

My husband said ‘I Have a meeting in Bombay and that’s why!’

Mahaperiyava’When is the meeting?’

Kailasam ‘Day after Tomorrow!’

Mahaperiyava ‘You have plenty of time but probably you are not used to such inconvenient places ,like the river sands!”

Mrs.Kailasam, said ‘Oh No  no Mahaperiyava. We will stay here as per your wish!”and they sent an assistant to rebook tkts for the next day…Mrs.Kailasam Cdnt control her tears when she said ‘that the train we ought to have gone met with a major accident and 198 were killed!

Nadamadum Deivam



Miracles of Mahaperiyava – Nigerian Miracle


On this Mahaperiyava Jayanthi day, 8th June 2017, I try to Recall His immeasurable Compassion to Save me from a Certain Death, that too in Nigeria!

I was working in Phonodisk Nigeria, Ijebuode, as its CEO, a Nigerian – American collaboration, for manufacturing Gramophone Records, Cassettes. It was started by Allahji Haruna Ishola, who was like our Yesudas, whose records were sold all over Africa within no time! I was replacing a set of Americans who were Looting the co. As it happens in many cos there were many locals who did not like my disciplined way to make Phonodisk profitable, catching many of the culprits Red handed!

Sankara Jayanthi – NIGERIA Souvenir 1985(Printed in Phonodisk)

My factory was 35 KM from my Bungalow in Ijebuode and I had a Peugeot 505 and 504 and drivers had to come all the way from Ijebuode  to drive me to the Factory. So I asked them not to come all the way and I started driving myself everyday to the Factory in the Mornings!

With Phonodisk Staff

Those days in 80s,Nigeria was so rich with Oil Money that almost every one drove a Peugeot or a Benz! Traffic regulations had to be brought in Lagos by Stipulating Odd Cars on Odd Days and Even Cars on Even Days! That is why almost every CEO used to have 2 Cars!

My  Faith in Mahaperiyava was so Strong, I used to always keep His Picture on the Dashboard!

Nigerians, for that matter, most Africans,  believed in Witchcraft! Some of my Security Guards, and Cooks, living in our Premises used to be afraid of us, as we used to light the Deepam everyday in the evening and used to pray, thinking,  we also practise Witchcraft!

Phonodisk Staff

Haruna Ishola’s own brother, called Baba was the most affected financially after my arrival, as he was living next to the Factory, Looting all the time!

So his aim was to Finish me somehow!

One day when I was driving my 505 to the Factory, I was experiencing a wild wobbling in the front tyres. I was driving at 100 KM but somehow managed to reach the Factory!

When the Factory Security Guard opened the Gates and when I parked the car, I saw Baba with his close Assistants looking at me with Amazement! He had told most of them ‘I wd never ever enter the Factory again!’ 

When I closed the car door, to my utter Amazement, I saw the Front Right Side Wheel,  falling down and rolling! Someone had loosened the Bolts, when the car was parked  in the Garage !

Benjamin, my Security Guard!

Some of my Ghanian Staff, my  well Wishers like Bernard, came running and literally lifted me!

I was saved on that day purely because of my Faith in Him. On hearing this Allahji Haruna Ishola came from Lagos and hugged me! He, not educated in English, conveyed through his Daughter, a Director of Phonodisk  “Your Witchcraft is more Powerful than Baba’s. He will now run for his Life!”

A really wonderful innings I had in Nigeria thereafter, all because of His Grace!I printed and Released Fela’s First Album which crossed a Million Records in just 3 Days! Ofcourse, every time I used to print a Record of Allahji Haruna Ishola’s, we used to sell a Million Records, in a Music Crazy Country! Can’t believe I was also a part of those Celeberations ! 

Incase you want to hear a similar incident,  earlier to this one,  please listen to this video taken by Shivaraman for Sage of Kanchi :

A recent interview by Bharath Subramanian for Sage of Kanchi will reveal more Miracles:

Nadamadum Deivam!

Kanchi Mahan


Kanchi Paramacharya’s 21st Aaradhanai is on 18th Dec,Tomorrow!

In mylife,I have experienced unimaginable Miracles and I have written many blogs about it and I been interviewed by Sage of Kanchi also,where one can see this video!

Even,For an ordinary Idiot like me ,Kanchimahan’s Karunai was inexplicable.He is aptly called as

‘Nadamadum Deivam’,because,He has appeared even to ordinary mortals like me ,whenever,we have sought His help!

I wd like to add here His compassion for the Wellbeing of every Indian.Either directly or indirectly,He has touched the welfare of every Indian,I believe..I wd like to give an instance or two here for the same:

Every Indian,today,is very grateful for one man who changed the entire Electoral system of India,in one stroke and brought in far reaching changes,including Revealation of Candidates’ Assets etc.,..Mr.T.N.Seshan!

Mr.Seshan is an ardent devotee of Kanchimahan.He never does anything in his life,without getting His blessings.

Soon after Seshan’s revolutionary electoral reforms in 92s,everywhere,Seshan’s name was chanted.There was a Felicitation for Seshan by CII in Madras in which I was also present.

In his reply ,this is what Seshan said :

“Today everyone all over India,is admiring me as if I have done something great..but frankly,all this credit shd go to Kanchi Paramacharya,but for whom ,this is not just possible,I believe..Let me tell you why!

I was holding the Home Secretary’s position in Rajiv Gandhi’s Govt and I was absolutely honest and stickler to rules.Suddenly oneday in 1990,I was ‘shunted’ to the post of the Chief Election Commissioner!I use the word ‘shunted!’ Because thats how this post was called in Delhi Circles,where it mattered,the most, till that time!I was personally depressed and under such stressful times,I go to Kanchimahan to get His blessings.

Nextday,I flew down to Kanchipuram.

Kanchimahan asked me:

‘yenna ore kavalaiya irukke?’

I explained to him that I have been ‘shunted!’

Kanchimahan :’Yenda..ithu eppadi shunted nnu ninaikkire..?God has given you a very great opportunity..You must think like that!

Still I was not convinced.

Kanchimahan asked me’Have you gone to Uthiramerur Temple,15 KM from here?

I said I have heard about it but never visited.

Kanchimahan told me:You shd visit this temple and particularly read on the Northern side wall,whats written some 1000 yrs back about ‘who all can contest elections!’It gives details of who all can’t contest elections,like a murderer,thief,even a man who has illtreated his wife.It also stipulates that however good a man may be,max,he can hold an elected position only for Just Two Yrs..If you implement even 1/10th of this,you will do a great service to every Indian..!’

When Seshan said this,he added,’I saw a flash of Lightning in my mind and literally saw Viswaroopa Darshanam of Lord Krishna!’

( Seshan becomes emotional for a few seconds!)

He said,he went back and implemented,within his powers whats written in Uthiramerur Temple..

He said..”All credit to Him!Also I am in my 60s..and I tend to forget a lot.Just cdn’t imagine Kanchimahan at 97,had such clarity,that even described in minute details of that place and whats written!”

In another Video of Subramaniam Swamy,describes:

Kanchimahan,according to Dr.Subramania Swamy,is responsible for forcing Swamy to take up the Kailas Mansarover issue with the Chinese in 80s,when even External Affairs Minister under Indira Gandhi,Narasimha Rao,bluntly ridiculed Swamy saying

“Don’t waste your time with the Chinese..Our relationships is so sour,they wdn’t even look at us.”

Still Swamy goes to China and meets Deng Xiaoping!

Swamy describes in that video how he gets a Redcarpet welcome and the Chinese President,when asked about allowing Indians to the sacred Kailash Mansarover,he puts only one condition!

‘I will allow all Indians,provided ‘You are the First Indian to go there!’

Swamy is the First Indian to visit Kailash Manasarover!

Nadamadum Deivam indeed!










Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam, Nerur

Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam

A visit to this Adhistanam of Sadasiva Brahmendrar,Nerur helps one to reenergise to face the upcoming ups and downs!The very thought of Such Yogis have walked along these paths ,make us humble and go back to those days when they didn’t have Innovas and packed lunch boxes, to come to Nerur!

At Sadasiva Brahmendrar Adhistanam

It is indeed God’s Grace and pure Guru Bakthi,I have made this pilgrimage a second time!

And if you want to see a miracle which happened during my first visit please read New Year@Neru


Mahaperiyava Gruham, Salem

Deeparathanai for Mahaperiyava

Sri Rajagopala Mama is a highly blessed Mahaperiyava Devotee,who has named his Gruham in Salem as ”Mahaperiyava Gruham” as requested by Mahaperiyava Himself.

Padukas of Mahaperiyava

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

SriRajagopala Mama is also blessed with a Paduka of Mahaperiyava,for which Sri Mama does elaborate pujas every day.

Pradosham Puja

I was lucky to be there on a Pradhosham(25/7/18)day..Since I was traveling,I thought 24th was Pradosham !I halted at Salem only to see this Mahaperiyava Gruham!But When I went to Sri Mama on the25th,he surprised me by telling ”’Today is Pradosham!”

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

Ramana Maharshi

I cdnt believe it..All His Grace.

I returned to Coimbatore and in my dream on that night,Mahaperiyava was asking me in a concert,a Mami was singing :”Do you know this Thalam?”

I said” I don’t know!”

Mahaperiyava Himself explained about the Thalam and asked me to learn it.The Mami was singing ‘Kamakshi Kamakoti peetavahini!’

I cdnt believe it!

For those who wish to contact:

Mahaperiyava Graham
Sri Rajagopal mama; Raghuram Colony, Gandhi Road, Salem. Mob # 91 9952420864 Landline #0427 4262390


At Mahaperiyava’s Gruham

Nadamadum Deivam!

Miracle experiences of Mohana Krishnan,Cbe

Anusham Program 22nd July 18

Anusham Program 22nd July 18

It is sometimes unbelievable listening to many ardent devotees’ experiences of Mahaperiyava’s Miracles..due to their pure Bakthi!

On pure Bakthi,Mahaperiyava  Himself explains quoting from 18th Chapter of Bagavat Gita :

“பக்த்யாமாம் பிஜானாதி யாவான்

யஸ்சாஸ்மி தத்வத,
ததோமாம் தத்வதோ
ஞாத்வா விசதே
ததனந்தரம் “

Mahaperiyava Himself, explains in a humorous way quoting the above,Lord Krishna tells Arjuna “Hey Arjuna.. just because I have been playing with you from Childhood, Don’t think that I am another also Ran type..People who worship me with pure Baktthi,will see me in them and I will never ever let them down!’

I strongly believe this explanation aptly fits into Many ardent devotees’ experiences of Mahaperiyava.He is Nadamadum Deivam!Otherwise how can we explain such miracles like this of Mrs.Mohana Krishnan’s:

Kovai Mani-Anusham Program 22nd July 18

Kamakshi Sthothra Group,Cbe

Anusham Program 22nd July 18

Mohana and her parents all were from Bombay.Her parents were so devoted to Mahaperiyava,they wdnt do anything without His blessings!Mohana , explains,how when a good alliance came,her parents were quite keen on her marriage to that boy, Krishnan.But due to some unknown reasons,Krishnan’s parents never came back with a firm Yes for a while.

Dejected Mohana’s parents decided to seek Mahaperiyava’s Blessings at Kalavai ,as suggested by Nagalaxmi Mami,a great devotee,all the way from Bombay! They came to a relative’s house in Madras and went to Kalavai.

Mahaperiyava was kind to them and not only blessed Mohana,but even said ”Soon you will receive Good news!”

When they returned to Madras,they were pleasantly surprised to see a Telegram from Krishnan’s parents,saying ”” Not only Yes for the alliance,but marriage must take place within 30 days,as Krishnan is going to Japan on an assignment!”

Mohana Krishnan is so devoted she has visited Mahaperiyava almost every year after her marriage.

She has started a Kamakshi Sthothra Group in Coimbatore which has donated a Golden Veena to Bangaru Kamakshi Amman at Tanjore and also to Kamakshi Amman at Coimbatore.

Serene Shenbagam was privileged on 22nd July Anusham to listen to their Mahaperiyava Pancharatnam!

Nadamadum Deivam


Thirupparaithurai Thirugavaneswarar!


Tharugavaneswarar,aka Paraithurai Nather, Paraithruai Selvar…

If God appears before me and gives me a choice “which era you Wd like to be Reborn!’I Wd choose 800 AD,as I Wd experience the Great ambience of Saints like ADI Sankara’s and enjoy the immense contributions of Manikkavasagar to Paranthaka Cholan’s dedications in creation and Preservation of such great Temples on the banks of Akanda Cauvery!

Atleast, now,I have the satisfaction to be able to visit such age old Shiva n Vishnu sthalams..One such is Thirupparaithurai :

Arunagirinathar on Thiruppareswarar

Pasumpon Mayeelambikai (Hema Varnambikai) (Parvati)

Pasumpon Mayeelambikai Amman

Manikkavasagar and Arunagirinathar have sung in praise of this sthalam as can be seen above.

Manikkavasagar has visited almost all Temples in the south and was also involved in cleaning of the dilapidated temples with a team called uzhavarapadai,which probably the Japanese has copied from us Today!

The hymnists like Manikkavasagar made classificatory lists of places like katu (for forest), turai (port or refuge), kulam (water tank) and kalam (field) being used – thus giving us an idea of their prominence..thurai means only by boats one can reach this place!

We should be very very grateful to Nagarathars for preserving such historical temples,as can be seen from this tableau at this Siva Sthalam:

Thirupparaithurai Dharukavaneswarar

Let us atleast visit such age old temples before age takes us Older Still!
Sathyameva Jayathe

Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s Devotion for Mahaperiyava!



Swami Dayananda Saraswathi is one f God’s Gift to spread our Culture from far and wide!His epoch making Vedanthic Discourses still reverberate in our ears with punctuation, packed with Humour!

I was able to pay my Respects at His Adhishtanan in Rishikesh, during my recent pilgrimage to Kedarnath.

I was privileged to move closely with Swamiji in the 80s when I was the CEO of Tantex and since Our Chairman, Narasimhan was His ardent devotee and I,as CEO of Tantex used to often visit His Village, Manjakkudi and took care of a few Kainkaryams!

Swamiji once narrated about a unique picture of Mahaperiyava at Thiruvidaimaruthur,which used to adorn His Office!He said “for quite sometime, that huge Ratham in Thiruvidaimaruthur was immobilized and He had the privilege of getting a Request from Mahaperiyava to re-activate it,which He successfully did” as narrated by Swamiji Himself in this video!(You can see that picture of Mahaperiyava taken in the 30s)





Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath


Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath

Triyuginarayan Temple is in Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand on the way to Kedarnath at a Height of 7000 feet!This Temple for Vishnu was consecrated by Sri Adi Sankaracharya and Legend says that this is the place where Lord Shiva got Married to Parvathi in the presence of Lord Vishnu and hence the Agni started at that time for the Celestial Marriage is still kept burning,getting its name Akhand Dhuni!

Agnikund Triyuginarayan Temple,near Kedarnath

The Himalayan Range from here gives a Magnificent view!One has to under go a Chaotic Traffic from Rampura to Sonaprayag as can be seen from these pictures!

The Temple structure is similar to the One at Kedarnath,a smaller in size but full of stories all around !

There is a belief that if one visits this Temple,one will have a Blissful Married Life!

One can see ponies Relaxing after a tough day ride to Kedarnath,getting recuperated for an early morning Ride again up the 17 KM ride to one’s Lifetime Goal of Mukthi Marg..to Kedarnath!

Ponies Relaxing for Next Day Trip

Whatever may be the Legends and stories,one must be prepared to undergo a lot of Stressed Trekking in such Places as there is nothing we can do when right from Traffic to your so called Confirmed Helicaptor Tickets are no Gaurantee for a simple trip to the Lord’s Lotus Feet!All Manmade avoidable Chaos everywhere!

Badrinath,a Once in a Lifetime Journey!

Badrinath,A lifetime Journey for the Faithfuls!

Badrinath Main Entrance

Both Kedarnath and Badrinath are only 15 KMs apart but on different Hills!Hence visiting them is a tough ride,amidst man made obstacles and chaotic traffic.
But one is the happiest on arriving at these shrines,for their Mountain View and moment of Achievement!
Badrinarain is Vishnu on the banks of River Alakananda, consecrated by Adi Sankara ,1400 yrs back.


At 4 am when I got up and went for Darshan,there was a Queue of 1.5 KM!Luckily my friend Ramachandran of Kalpathy,used a trick with the security and we were infront of the Lord Himself!
Not satisfied with one Round of Darshan,Ramachandran(see in picture)wanted to have a second round!

Ramachandran At Adi Sankara Sannidhi

When I met him after 3 hrs he narrated this miracle experience!
He sneaked into VIP enclosures where Only Ambanis and Bangurs who have reserved the enclosure with huge amnt were allowed.Ramachandran was nervous when the Head priest signalled him and offered him a special chair in front of the Lord,Reserved for a Lucky person of the day!It was really unbelievable and we were unhappy that still many faithfuls are unable to get simple Glance of the Lord!Lots of discrimination and unmanageble crowds!

Badrinath Shiva

Badrinath Hanuman

The Temple:
The image of the presiding deity worshipped in the temple is Only 3.3 ft tall, black stone statue of Vishnu in the form of Badrinarayan. The statue is considered by many Hindus to be one of eight swayam vyakta kshetras, or self-manifested statues of Vishnu.

Badrinarain, Urchavar

At Adi Sankara Sannidhi

The temple is mentioned in ancient religious texts like Vishnu Purana and Skanda Purana. It is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, an early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD.

About The Temple:

The main shrine houses the 3.3 ft Shaligram (black stone) image of Badrinarayan, which is housed in a gold canopy under a Badri Tree. The image of Badrinarayan holds a Shankha (conch) and a Chakra (wheel) in two of its arms in a lifted posture and two arms are rested on its lap in a Yogamudra (Padmasana) posture.The sanctum also houses images of the god of wealth—Kubera, sage Narada, Uddhava, Nar and Narayan.K There are fifteen more images that are also worshipped around the temple. These include that of Lakshmi (the consort of Vishnu), Garuda (the vahana of Narayan), and Navadurga, the manifestation of Durga in nine different forms. The temple also has shrines of Lakshmi Narasimhar and for saints Adi Shankara (ad 788-820), Vedanta Desika and Ramanujacharya. All the idols of the temple are made of black stone.

Mountain View

At Badrinath

The Tapt Kund, a group of hot sulphur springs just below the temple, are considered to be medicinal; many pilgrims consider it a requirement to bathe in the springs before visiting the temple. The springs have a year-round temperature of 55 °C (131 °F), while outside temperature is typically below 17 °C (63 °F) all year round.The two water ponds in the temple are called Narad Kund and Surya Kund.